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Sarah Sherrill
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


I have been a working professional for almost 20 years, with a good majority of that time spent in the Financial Services Industry. I have always prided myself on providing exceptional Customer Service to my clients. I entered Medicare Supplement sales not to sell insurance but to provide, a no-pressure service in a field that can be quite overwhelming with information.

As my three sons can attest, I urged them to always live life by “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” I live this way and I work this way and I very much look forward to the opportunity to serve you this way.

Marie Herrick
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


Marie Herrick is an insurance educator who has been working in insurance since 2007. After leaving a 17-year career at a large national bank she realized she wanted to help people understand the confusing and sometimes frustrating world of insurance. She knows people are looking for coverage that is suitable to their needs and affordable.

Marie is licensed, certified and appointed with all the major carriers and continues to take educational courses throughout the year.

Marie often works as an insurance resource for the patients of multiple large provider organizations in the Puget Sound area.

Marie is a lifelong resident of Washington. She studied at the University of Washington. She has raised three children with her husband of twenty-five years and has one dog and two kittens. She enjoys gardening, travel and camping with her family.

Jill Herrmann
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


As a licensed independent insurance agent, specializing in Medicare insurance plans, I believe it is my responsibility to help you make the best possible decisions for your unique circumstances.

Working for 14 years in healthcare settings has given me a solid understanding of medical insurances and the challenges that come with not understanding the details of your health coverage. Realizing your plan doesn’t meet your needs is more than just a frustration- it can be a financial hardship and force people to not seek needed medical care. This first-hand experience has really helped me appreciate the importance of the health insurance choices you make. This is what drew me to Medicare- I want to help you make an educated decision about your coverage and give you peace of mind.

My goal is to listen and understand what your individual needs are and help you find the plan that best suits your personal healthcare needs and your budget. I will also be a support and resource throughout the year to answer any questions that come up.

Give me a call or email me for your no-cost consultation. I look forward to helping you.

Colby Goodner
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


Colby is a licensed Financial Advisor with Dixie’s Tax & Financial Services located in the marina district of Des Moines Washington. After seeing how many of his financial advising and tax clients were not receiving the guidance and care they deserved from their current agents, he decided that he wanted to help any new or existing participants make confident decisions on their Medicare health plans. His goal is to match you with a plan that fits your specific needs and give you a reliable resource and partner to help you navigate the puzzling world of insurance.

Colby is a lifelong resident of Washington and graduated from Central Washington University in 2014 with degrees in Accounting as well as Business Administration. He joined Dixie's Tax and Financial Services in 2019 after working in accounting, finance, and project management-related roles. He is a licensed financial advisor with both his Series 7 and Series 66 Licenses and holds his Washington State Life and Disability Insurance License.

Dixie’s Tax & Financial Services offers an experienced team of advisors who specialize in wholistic planning and have the ability to guide you through any situation involving Medicare, other insurance, investments, and taxes.

Dixie Kendrick
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


Dixie is the owner of Dixie’s Tax & Financial Services located in the marina district of Des Moines Washington. She opened her storefront over 30 years ago with the goal to help nice people in the right way. After seeing many of her financial advising and tax clients not receiving the care and attention they needed for their Medicare insurance, she decided she wanted to start assisting any new or seasoned participants. Her hope is that you walk away educated on the ins and outs of Medicare, have a plan that fits your specific needs, and feel confident that you’re always taken care of.

Dixie has her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from City University, is certified as an Enrolled Agent, is a licensed financial advisor (Series 7 and Series 66 licenses), and holds her Washington State Life and disability insurance license.

Dixie’s Tax & Financial Services offers an experienced team of advisors who specialize in wholistic planning and have the ability to guide you through any situation involving Medicare, other insurance, investments, and taxes.

Kathy Meacham
Licensed Sales Agent
 [email protected]


I have been happily married to my husband for 30 years. We have a wonderful daughter. We are the proud grandparents to her cat, car and condo. I enjoy fall colors, reading a good book and rooting for the UW Huskies during football season. We are hoping to do a bit of traveling in retirement.

I have been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. The best part for me is meeting new people every day, building a relationship and helping them make confident decisions based on our individual conversations. This is what drew me to the Medicare insurance field. When my husband retired, we were overwhelmed by the whole process. We were lucky to find someone to help us navigate our options and settle on a plan that best fit his needs. And that’s what I love to do now too.

As an independent broker focused on the Medicare Insurance market, I will listen to your needs, help you understand the basics of Medicare and filter thru the many plans offered to find one that fits your individual health needs. I will walk you thru all the elements - Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, and Dental and Vision plans. I will be a resource for you throughout the year, and we will do a yearly review during AEP.

I am licensed thru the State of Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner and AHIP certified. I am contracted with several insurance carriers When you partner with me, my services are complimentary to you. I am compensated by the insurer when I enroll you in their plan. In the state of Washington, all insurers compensate at the same rate, which is regulated by CMS, so I have no bias other than choosing the plan that is right for you. I’m here to simplify Medicare Health Insurance - just for you! Let me know how I can help.

Information Provided By Kathy Meacham.
Kathy Meacham is not connected with the Federal Medicare program.
This is a solicitation for insurance.

What Are They Are Saying...

If you are looking for a high quality company, I highly recommend this one. They are the very best in the field, no compromise. Laurie has helped me with the setup of Medicare and continues to help me navigate through the process. She is extremely efficient and has great follow through. She is always eager to help me with whatever I need or any questions I may have. I highly recommend her.


dreaded the Medicare/ supplement insurance thing and really was clueless about what covered what. Laurie walked me through it and basically handled everything! I’m so glad not to have gone through what some of my friends have. She’s always makes time to answer my questions, I love that! She’s the best!

Karen M.

If you are looking for a high quality company, I highly recommend this one. They are the very best in the field, no compromise.

New Client

Ok, thanks so much.🙂 ALSO, would like to thank you for all your time and help you have given me through the enrollment process. I know I probably asked way too many questions. I really appreciate your patience and how thorough you have been with me. Thanks again Laurie for making this much easier for me to understand... YOU are the BEST!☺️

Thanks again, YOU have been so helpful and just want to let you know I really appreciate all the "detailed" info you have given AND for your time to give great customer service!❣️ ☺️

A big thank you for working with me, Laurie. All us peeps are very fortunate to have you as our broker. ❤️

Samantha, I appreciate you getting me back to me so quickly. Your dedication and professionalism never fail to impress me. You always provide excellent customer service. Thank you for the explanation. I've been extremely happy with my coverage and appreciate your recommendation to go with them. You've answered my questions and I know I'm in good hands with you!

Laurie, Thank you for patiently walking me through the steps of adding part B to my Medicare. You did so much more than that though. You saved me the stress of dealing with at a time when I was so emotionally depleted that one more thing on my plate would have broken me. I have enough to deal with my illness, but thanks to you, insurmountable medical bills won’t be one of them.

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