How we work

There are three phases to what we do which provide you year round care.

The Beginning: New to Medicare

If you are new to medicare this is the beginning of your Medicare journey, there is a lot of information to take in. The transition from employer plan insurance to Medicare is an importnat transition. Whether you are deciding to continue to work or leave we will do a comparison bewteen your current insurance and Medicare options. Then you can decide which healthcare option is best for you. We are here to inform, guide, find soultions, and give you peace of mind. Once you get a feel for the Medicare landscape, we can take you through the process of getting enrolled and finding a plan that is right for you.

The Middle: During the Year

What happens after you enroll in a Medicare plan? Only Senior Options is here for you year round. We are here to help you get the most out of your Medicare. We encourage you to call through out the year to ask questions, seek guidance, claim questions, and any help you need with your Medicare Insurance plan. We are here year round for you! We will not enroll you in a plan and disappear. To us this is a lifetime relationship and we hope you will feel the same.

Again: Annual Enrollment Period

Annual Enrollment Period October 15th to December .....its that time again. Time review your current plan and make changes if necessary. Do not worry that is what we are here to do for you. Medicare is an ongoing process. We want to be your trusted partner for life. We are always available to answer questions, and will help you make any changes needed. We provided you peace of mind....YEAR ROUND! :)

What Are They Are Saying...

If you are looking for a high quality company, I highly recommend this one. They are the very best in the field, no compromise. Laurie has helped me with the setup of Medicare and continues to help me navigate through the process. She is extremely efficient and has great follow through. She is always eager to help me with whatever I need or any questions I may have. I highly recommend her.


dreaded the Medicare/ supplement insurance thing and really was clueless about what covered what. Laurie walked me through it and basically handled everything! I’m so glad not to have gone through what some of my friends have. She’s always makes time to answer my questions, I love that! She’s the best!

Karen M.

If you are looking for a high quality company, I highly recommend this one. They are the very best in the field, no compromise.

New Client

Ok, thanks so much.🙂 ALSO, would like to thank you for all your time and help you have given me through the enrollment process. I know I probably asked way too many questions. I really appreciate your patience and how thorough you have been with me. Thanks again Laurie for making this much easier for me to understand... YOU are the BEST!☺️

Thanks again, YOU have been so helpful and just want to let you know I really appreciate all the "detailed" info you have given AND for your time to give great customer service!❣️ ☺️

A big thank you for working with me, Laurie. All us peeps are very fortunate to have you as our broker. ❤️

Samantha, I appreciate you getting me back to me so quickly. Your dedication and professionalism never fail to impress me. You always provide excellent customer service. Thank you for the explanation. I've been extremely happy with my coverage and appreciate your recommendation to go with them. You've answered my questions and I know I'm in good hands with you!

Laurie, Thank you for patiently walking me through the steps of adding part B to my Medicare. You did so much more than that though. You saved me the stress of dealing with at a time when I was so emotionally depleted that one more thing on my plate would have broken me. I have enough to deal with my illness, but thanks to you, insurmountable medical bills won’t be one of them.

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